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Swatch is giving you a good excuse to change your watch if you feel in the mood for a new accessory.

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IF YOU want to take your kids to the movie "Cars" it pays to buy Nestl breakfast cereals. With every purchase of two Nestl cereals (Cheerios, Trix, Nesquik, etc.), you can get a ticket to this movie for just NIS 14.90 (only on weekdays) when you bring the bar codes to the register. Also, in every box you will find a special car-shaped spoon that will make eating breakfast fun for kids. The deal is valid until August 3. If you don't want to go out to the movies, but would like to see something else on your screen to distract you, or your kids, from the current "situation," you can take out a subscription for nine movies at Blockbuster for NIS 99. At this chain, you can find the new titles including "Bambie 2," "Memoirs of a Geisha," "Pink Panther," "Basic Instinct 2" etc. This deal lasts until the end of August. SWATCH IS giving you a good excuse to change your watch if you feel in the mood for a new accessory. Until the end of this month, you can take an old watch you don't fancy anymore to a store where Swatch watches are sold and receive a NIS 120 discount on the purchase of a new Swatch watch. Among other models, you will find the new swatch collection called Jelly in Jelly - a colorful series of watches with silicon watch bands. ALWAYS HAS new hygienic pads with an added bonus; each Always Freshelle pad comes with an individually packed moist wipe attached to the pad pouch, enabling you to keep feeling fresh wherever you are. The pads plus hygienic wipes can be packed discreetly in your pocketbook. Always Freshelle is available in sizes normal plus and long plus for NIS 15 a package. The Alldays panty liners also come in a new variation called Fresh Alldays, which are lightly scented with lotus flower fragrance. An economy pack of normal or large Fresh Alldays is NIS 26. MARIANA IS the name of original jewelry inspired by the ancient Egyptian or the Renaissance period, among others. The new collection for autumn-winter is called Origins and combines stones and crystals with pieces of fabric, creating a design that will stand out. The prices for necklaces vary from NIS 180-900; bracelets are NIS 250-600; earrings go for NIS 120-350; and rings are NIS 180-320. You can find Mariana jewelry in selected jewelry stores or at her Spirit of Design studio in Hod Hasharon. SUMMER IS a time a lot of people move and/or fix up their homes. The Ace hardware stores have a deal for those who need to do some painting, throwing in some extras with the purchase of Tambour paints. When spending NIS 400 or more on this paint, you can get a foldable picnic chair for free or add NIS 20 and get an igloo-shaped tent for two or add NIS 35 for a 28-liter size cooler made by Keter. The deal is valid until the end of August. IF YOU are afraid of cockroaches you will be happy to try a new floor-cleaning product that also promises to keep roaches at bay. Super Ritz by Shion Domestik is suitable for all tiled floors, as well as linoleum or PVC-floors. The fragrance of the cleaner is pleasant for humans, but apparently not for little creepers. A two-liter bottle of Super Ritz, available in selected supermarkets and mini-markets, is NIS 17.90. DISPOSABLE DIAPERS are a big burden on the household budgets of people with little children so if you see a good deal you'd better take advantage of it. Pampers has a special deal in the SuperPharm chains until August 3. When you buy two packages of Pampers, you will get a special size package of these diapers, containing 22 to 38 diapers depending on the size, for free. This free package can easily be taken with you on vacation. With the purchase of two packages of Pampers size 3, for example, each containing 64 diapers, you will receive a travel-size package containing 31 diapers for free. Meanwhile, the competition, Huggies is increasing the size of its packages, adding another 10%, so that size three, for example, now contains 70 diapers instead of 64. This deal lasts until the end of July. IF YOU need to add a few items to your own or your kids' summer wardrobe and also are trying to figure out how to spend the long summer days with the kids, check out the collection in the Zebra fashion stores. With a purchase of NIS 100 or more, you will receive a booklet with vouchers that entitle you to discounts or free tickets to several parks or other attractions. Parks that are participating in this deal include Mini-Israel, Yamit 2000, Bet Halomotai, Nahshonim, the Monkey Park in the Ben Shemen forest, or the Latrun Park. The deal lasts until August 31. THE ISRAELI Kleen cleaning products are back on the shelves after having been gone for a number of years. Kleen products are recognizable by the picture of the white swan. Among the products you can find are dishwashing soap, which comes in a kind of swan-shaped container, floor cleaners, window cleaners, bleach, toilet cleaners, toilet paper, laundry softener and kitchen towels. Prices range from NIS 12 to NIS 49. HERBAL ESSENCES has a new Fruit Fusions series of shampoo, conditioner and conditioner for hair tips only. The shampoo and conditioner come with a fresh summer scent of mandarin, lemon grass and palm oil, and the weightless tip conditioner contains mandarin, orange, tangerine, avocado, and pink grapefruit concentrates. The Citrus Lift series, available for a limited time, is rich in moisturizers and suitable for normal to dry hair. The shampoo is NIS 32 for a big 750 ml. bottle, the conditioner is NIS 31 for 727 ml., and the tip conditioner, available only at the SuperPharm chain, is NIS 19 for a 150 ml. bottle with pump dispenser. IF YOU want to encourage your toddler to drink from a cup instead of a bottle, a cup decorated with a favorite character might help make the transition smoother. First Years has cups decorated with pictures of Nemo, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Engine or Disney princesses. The cups keep drinks cold for a long time and supposedly don't leak. The price for a set of two cups, available at Toys "R" Us, Shilav and other selected stores, is NIS 69.90. IF YOU buy a package of Tampax tampons, you can now purchase a colorful top for just NIS 10. The striped tops come in the shades of red, yellow and blue, and are perfect for the summer months or you can wear them for a class at the gym. The deal lasts until the end of August. TO MAKE ironing wrinkled clothes easier, you can try the Astonish-Ironing Like New spray. It has a pleasant fragrance that doesn't last too long after use, while moistening the clothes makes the ironing go smoothly. A 750 ml. bottle is NIS 19. ESPECIALLY FOR young children, Cardigal Games has a new version of the classic dominoes game, with big, easy to hold pieces and bright colors. The game comes in a small metal box, which is also easy to take on trips, and instructions for playing 16 additional games with the domino stones are added (for example, Four-Hand Texas, Cardinal Mexican Train, Solitaire, or Tiddle-A-Wink). The game is suitable for kids age four and up, and c osts NIS 29.90.