The rich get richer: Adelson, Zuckerberg 2013's biggest gainers

Casino mogul tops 'Forbes' list, seeing fortune jump by 68% to $37 billion; Facebook chief comes in 2nd, more than doubling fortune.

Sheldon Adelson 390 (photo credit: reuters)
Sheldon Adelson 390
(photo credit: reuters)
Jewish-American tycoon Sheldon Adelson saw his already massive fortune jump by $15 billion in 2013, putting him atop the Forbes annual list of biggest gainers.
Adelson is the chief executive of Las Vegas Sands and owner of Israeli daily Israel Hayom, as well as the chief benefactor of Taglit-Birthright.
According to the Forbes report, he saw his fortune jump by 68 percent in 2013 and is now worth more than $37 billion.
“Put another way, his fortune grew by a staggering $41 million a day,” Forbes reported.
Adelson’s casinos in Macau and Singapore were his main earners in 2013.
Another Jewish billionaire, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, also had a good 2013 financially, placing second on the Forbes list.
Zuckerberg’s fortune more than doubled in 2013, reaching nearly $26b., according to Forbes.
Rounding out the top five were Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, American tycoon Warren Buffett, who bought full control of Israeli metalworking company Iscar in May, and Christy Walton of Walmart.