"Israel has the ability to attack Iran, the only reason it is not using its power is not because of its inability or lack of know-how - but because there is still time," MK and retired IDF general Yitzhak Ben-Yisrael said Tuesday Speaking to Army Radio, the retired IDF general assessed that even if Israel does strike Iran, it won't happen in the next few months. "I believe it is still early. The timetable, as we understand it today, is not a few months - it is much more than that. The most pessimistic are talking about a year, others are saying three years. Either way - at the moment the world must focus on diplomatic measures," he said. Nevertheless, Ben Yisrael declared that if diplomatic efforts fail to stop Iran attaining nuclear weapons there will be no choice but to use force. "Israel cannot come to terms with a situation in which Iran has in dependent capability to enrich uranium and build an atom bomb," he said.