HaMasrek: The details

Hours: Hamasrek Park is an open nature reserve and one can visit it year-round. n Phone: *3639 Israel Nature and Parks Authority's information center. n Admission fee: none n Directions: On Road No. 1 from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, drive south from Shoeva junction towards Moshav Shoresh. Four kilometers after passing Moshav Shoresh turn right to Hamasrek Park. There is a parking lot at the place. n In the area: The Katlav stream, Hateomim Cave, Sataf and Ein Hemed nature reserves. Hamasrek kosher boutique winery is located in Moshav Beit Meir, at the foot of Hamasrek nature reserve. Tours of the winery are available for NIS 25, and include wine tasting. For further details and advance booking (imperative) call Nachum, 054-483-0827, or visit www.hamasrek.com n What's blooming now? Hamasrek nature reserve is characterized year-round by the common oak trees, carob, Palestinian terebinth and pine. Among the flowers blooming in March/April are cistus, cyclamen, anemones, rare kinds of orchids and more. n More details and trip suggestions in the area: www.parks.org.il or www.teva.org.il