Study: 75% of Jewish students think Arabs uneducated

Three quarters of Jewish students think Arabs are uneducated, uncultured and unclean, according to a new study published by Haifa University, Army Radio reported on Wednesday. An equal number - 75% - believe Arabs are violent, the study said, and some 33% are afraid of them. The study also showed that fewer than half of Jewish students were prepared to meet with Arab youth. Contrary to these figures, 75% of Arab students have expressed readiness to meet with Jewish students. In addition, the study said only 27% of Arab students believe Jews are uneducated, and only 40% think Jews are uncultured. The study, entitled "Perception of the Other among Jewish and Arab Youth in Israel," was conducted among 1,600 students from 22 high schools throughout the country. "In the study, we found a sharp expression of stereotypical thinking on the part of the Jewish students towards the Arab youth," said Dr. Hagai Coopermintz, one of the organizers of the project. "They come with a lot of baggage when it comes to the Other. In this case, it's the Arabs."