Bibi's Blog: Olmert's undeserving government

Israel's citizens know that the country is currently being led by a PM who is unfit to sit in office.

Bibi speaking 298.88 (photo credit: sasson tiram)
Bibi speaking 298.88
(photo credit: sasson tiram)
Olmert's undeserving government Behold. The PM who failed in the war is evading responsibility. Never has the State of Israel decided to go to war with such vast national and international support, including the rallying of the opposition to push back the attacks on Israel in the international sphere. Never has the State of Israel gone to war while having such a big upper hand on the opponents it faced. Not since the War of Independence has the government had so much time to bring such a decisive ruling on what is to transpire in the battlefield. However, even with such advantages, and as pointed out by the Winograd Committee, it is the first war initiated by Israel that it did not win. The IDF fought with bravery and courage. The failure lies with the amateurish government. Read the rest of this blog »
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