Big Jew on Campus: On Hizbullah's deaf ears

Part of the problem with Obama's and Carter's desire to engage Iran and Hizbullah is not only that these meetings give them legitimacy, but it also signals a complete misunderstanding of whom they dealing with and what they really want.

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big jew on campus 88
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On Hizbullah's deaf ears President-elect Barack Obama's desire to engage some of America's political adversaries, such as Iran, in direct dialogue has been a source of acclaim and criticism. Those opposed to such talks charge that Obama's stance is detrimental to plans that seek to undermine the Iranian regime and inhibit its acquisition of nuclear weapons. Supporters of Obama's plan to have "tough, direct diplomacy without preconditions" believe that this is a chance to for America to persuade Iran to change its current course while avoiding further escalation. Read the rest of this blog »
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