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Okay, so I know I traded grit for gossip when I chose to take my journalism skills from Jerusalem to La la land.

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Ice and string don't mix In what has become the pinnacle of the winter Olympic games, the world watched with baited breath to see if Sasha Cohen, former pipsqueak and now darling of the blade and tutu set, would take the gold medal. In case you missed it, she didn't. She took silver. Cohen, the 21-year-old Jewish Los Angeles native has forged an extraordinary career as the almost-but-not-quite champion. Maybe it's her inherent chutzpah, or her inability to perform under pressure, but I began to Google Ms. Cohen in the wake of her Olympic defeat, to find out, what exactly it is that continues to keep her the bridesmaid, but never the bride. Read the rest of this blog »
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