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Can't it always be fun? I've found my life is this often contradictory goal of only wanting to have fun, while at the same time being torn towards the desire for a meaningful existence. In one breath it's a constant search for new and exciting or at least mildly absurd. In the next, it's all about depth. Thursday nite I was at a friend's bacholorette party and a few of us went to Colony after where met a couple of American guys (non Jews) who were here with Mayor Bloomberg's people. Nothing outrageous, but we had a good, refreshing laugh. We (the chicas) all agreed how much we prefer Anglos to Israelis. Even after all these years, there's something distinctly more familiar about them. Israeli men will either aggressively hit on you or completely ignore you in a social setting. There's very little friendly fun in-between. And non-Jews, as you may have noticed, have a lot less hang-ups than our people. We are, if nothing, a neurosis-ridden bunch. Shabbat dinner was nice. I was actually annoyed at first because I was still in my party mindset and it took me an hour or so to make that mental switch to the quieter, more spiritual dimension. But in the end was very nice, though somewhat confusing business. Read the rest of this blog »
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