Looking out my back door - Tuesday

rocket damage maalot 298 (photo credit: Yakov Marks)
rocket damage maalot 298
(photo credit: Yakov Marks)
All day and all night long we have heard nothing but incessant booms. This is a real test of our staying power and our nerves. My daughter and I were up all night because of the incoming and outgoing. During the night, there were periods of "relative calm," but during the past hour or so the "festival" has begun again! Earlier this morning I had watched a piece on CNN where they showed what is was like for us to live in bomb shelters. What affected me the most was the journalists blas and offhand comment - I don't really believe he realized what he had even said. He said that the children on the floor of that bomb shelter which had been built before the Six Day War was now serving the children of a third generation of our people here on the 'Confrontation Line.' This statement said it all for me.