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In my esteem, one who wears jean pants and not a jean skirt is no worse a person than one who wears a streimel and a long overcoat. It's not the clothes that make the person; it's the person that makes the person.

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A little perspective At various times of my life, I have been blameworthy for stereotyping according to material artifacts. Said more plainly, I've been guilty of assuming that folks, who are more stringent about certain things, than me, are necessarily morally superior and that folks who are less careful, than me, are necessarily morally inferior. I've come to discover that such beliefs are based on fluff and nonsense! Simple, whereas there might be a correlation between the length of one's skirt, the nature of one's head covering, and the number of buttons fastened on one's shirt to one's relationship to G-d and to man, there also might not be. Integral goodness is the potential province of all persons. What's more, most of us have lived through experiences in which the behavior of folks, whose lives seem radically different from our own, and whose actions we had assumed we understood, surprised us. Read the rest of this blog
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