The Hillel Experience: Heroism at Sapir Hillel in Sderot

Another kind of heroism was shown last week in Sapir Hillel in Sderot, when 60 students braved the danger of incessant kassam attacks to attend the opening session of a film-midrash series.

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Heroism at Sapir Hillel in Sderot The Jerusalem Post is proud to present The Hillel Experience; a blog which provides a platform for Hillel members to share their experiences on campus. We invite you to submit your articles and the best ones will be published both here and in the Hillel newsletter. Dear friends, All through the fall semester, Hillel Israel centers have been struggling heroically to attract students to programs in spite of a prolonged professors' strike that was responsible for the rescheduling of a full semester of classes. Just this weekend, the strike was finally settled, and each university is re-scheduling the courses that did not take place during the fall. Hillel is eager to continue all of our programming for students across the country. We're looking forward to welcoming larger numbers of participants to all of our activities. Read the rest of this blog
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