Israel Always: Who's in Charge of Israel? Is It Netanyahu or Obama?

It seems Obama thinks he holds the office of Super Prime Minister - or is the title Dictator?

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Recently, American President Barack Obama again acted with audacity, declaring that Israel has the green light from the United States to go ahead and complete construction on housing units in the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria that had been started.
But he added that after those projects are completed, he is demanding "a full construction freeze" in all the communities "across the disputed territories." And he added that he expects Israel "to fully comply with [America's] demands."
I don't recall Barack Obama winning the recent election for prime minister of Israel. Do you? Yet it seems he thinks he holds the office of Super Prime Minister - or is the title Dictator?
How does Obama think he has the authority to make such dictatorial demands on Israel? Does he not recognize that Israel is a viable and successful sovereign state? Does he consider Israel to be just another US state - or a colony of the US under his imperial jurisdiction? How can anyone in the world understand why Obama and all the leaders of the European Union and the United Nations keep pressuring Israel concerning the relatively insignificant matter of building a few more houses in the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, and at the same time keep putting absolutely no pressure on the Palestinian Arabs for not keeping any of the commitments they have made in five signed peace agreements? They keep talking about a "peace process." The last of the so-called peace agreements that the dishonest and deceitful Palestinians signed was called a Roadmap to Peace. At the end of this great Road was to be the prized and peaceful Palestinian state. However, all the world's leaders have ignored the Roadmap's initial demands that the Palestinian Authority root out all incitement against Israel and the Jews and instead pursue peaceful coexistence. World leaders just keep pouring the blame on Israel for the Roadmap's lack of success. They claim that Israel has put up many roadblocks to hinder the poor Palestinians' progress. They accuse Israel of being the big, bad bully - always giving the innocent, hapless Palestinians a hard time. How can any clear-eyed person agree with such an unreal and untruthful view? How can anyone ignore the devastating roadblocks the Palestinians have put up all along this supposed shining road to peace? How can anyone continuously ignore the rocket attacks, the suicide bombings and the unrelenting terrorism?
How can the world overlook the reality that the Palestinians have made no effort to go even the first mile along the Road to peace? And that the Palestinians have not shown even the slightest desire to live in peace with the Jewish people of Israel? Is this a case of contagious international blindness, or is it a severe case of intentional bias? Either way, it is an appalling epidemic.
Israeli Minister Benny Begin responded to Obama's dictates by turning the table on the Obama Administration. He said that "Washington needs to honor its commitments" in regard to the Middle East peace process. He stressed that the guarantees made by the previous administration regarding the continued growth of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria "cannot be brushed aside." Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom also could not refrain from commenting on Obama's dictates. He stressed that it was the Palestinian Authority that was "blocking Israel from advancing the overall peace process."
He noted that for years a number of economic projects that would have provided major boosts to the Palestinians' quality of life have been delayed or disrupted because of the Palestinian leaders' refusal to work with Israel. He decried the Palestinians' insistence that "the only part of the peace process that matters to them is the Israeli surrender of lands they claim as their own." The Israeli watchdog group, Palestinian Media Watch, suggested in its latest report that the Obama Administration "is displaying an enormous amount of hypocrisy by nitpicking over the construction of a few Jewish houses, while all but ignoring the ongoing officially sanctioned Palestinian incitement against Israel." The report highlighted a recent TV interview with the chief Palestinian Muslim religious leader, Tayseer Tamim. He characterized all Jews as evil, and he insisted that they have no connection whatsoever to Jerusalem or to any Israeli land. He claimed that "it was known throughout history that the Jews made false claims, lies, forgery and fabrications in order to justify their aggression, land thefts, defilement of holy sites, appropriation of land, destruction of homes [and] murder of children, women and the elderly." Doesn't that sound to you like he was reciting the historical record of the Palestinians rather than the Jews? Why can't world leaders see that Israel is the party that genuinely wants peace with the Arabs but receives no reciprocity from the other side? Why can't they see that Israel has made extensive efforts to forge peaceful co-existence with their Arab neighbors, but has never been met halfway?
How can they keep believing that the Palestinians could even effectively run their own state without it becoming a greater base for terror? And how can they believe that a Palestinian state would resolve the great problem of the deep hatred of most Palestinians and Middle Eastern Arabs toward the Jewish people and the nation of Israel? In the midst of this global blindness, it's Israel that must battle to survive with next-door "neighbors" ruled by a terrorist regime ... a people brainwashed into believing that the elimination of Israel will solve all their problems.
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