One Ready to Attack — One Preparing to be Attacked

If Israel preemptively attacks Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas, the international community will condemn Israel. However, if Israel sits idly by, she is a sitting duck waiting to be crushed.

Earl Cox 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Earl Cox 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
For more than 10 years, I have walked with the Israeli people through an intifada, numerous suicide (homicide) bombings, and Israel’s wars with Lebanon and Gaza. Numerous times, I have had to run beside Israelis as we sought shelter from incoming rockets shot by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. I have experienced being thrown against a concrete wall from the percussion of a Kassam rocket as it exploded only feet away from my location. I have wept with Israeli families at grave sites where their loved ones were laid to rest after being killed by those who adhere to the teachings of radical Islam.
Hopefully, therefore, I have earned the right, and established the credentials, to be taken seriously when I speak on behalf of the Israeli people — warning the world that radical Muslims are either preparing to strike the people God calls “the apple of His eye” or hoping to provoke them (Israel) into a preemptive (and illegal) strike. The gun has been cocked, and the finger is on the trigger aimed at cities all across Israel. But do they really intend to fire? Or is it a provocation in the hope that Israel will strike first and thereby incur international condemnation?
The sad part of this scenario is that Israel is, indeed, alone and is caught between a rock and a hard place. If Israel launches an all-out attack against Iran and the terrorist camps of Hizbullah and Hamas, most all of the international community will condemn Israel. On the other hand, if Israel sits idly by and does nothing to address what appears to be an imminent attack, she is a sitting duck waiting to be crushed. Radical Islam is not a slow-growing cancer; it is a full-blown killer ready to wipe Israel off the face of the globe.
Israel cannot afford the luxury of time while her enemies are trying to deceitfully convince the international community — including the United States (whose leader clearly demonstrated a bias against Israel and much sympathy for Islam until his July 6 meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu) — that a peaceful diplomatic solution is attainable “if only Israel will continue to give more and more land” to those bent on her destruction. 
President Obama’s warm reception on July 6th of Prime Minister Netanyahu was severely lacking in Netanyahu’s previous four visits to the United States since being elected Prime Minister of Israel.  Why are we now seeing a change in Obama’s behavior toward Israel?  The answer is simple.  He’s a politician who has recognized that his previous snubbings of Prime Minister Netanyahu proved to be very unpopular with the American voter and with many elected officials – Democrats and Republicans.  With the November elections drawing near, President Obama is attempting to preserve and protect his political base.  I contend that following the November elections, the mask will come off of Obama and he will once again push Israel toward surrendering more of her real estate for the creation of a Palestinian state.
While many believe Israel’s greatest strength lies in focusing on continuing to strengthen its intelligence operations and physical defenses rather than engaging in a preemptive strike against its enemies, I personally disagree. Israel’s enemies have made the first move. The whole world knows that Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas have thousands of fairly accurate missiles that can now hit the heart of Israel — Tel Aviv. All of Israel’s towns and villages are now within reach of her enemies. Based on past performance, the radical extremist countries of Iran and Syria, along with radical terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, are ready to launch a major attack against Israel. The proof is in the pudding.
Since the Gaza disengagement, Hamas has launched over 10,000 rocketattacks against the Jewish people living in southern Israel — killingand maiming innocent men, women and children. Radical PalestinianMuslims supported by Iran and Syria have, for years, sent suicidebombers into Israeli cities to kill Jewish citizens. Iran has made nosecret of its desire to attack Israel with nuclear weapons once it hasthem.
Does Israel have the luxury of sitting back and waiting forinternational support or for an impossible, peaceful solution? Theanswer is quite clear. As one who values the truth of G-d’s Word andloves the Jewish state and its people, my voice cries out to Israel’sleaders not to be like King Saul of old who was afraid to go against aseemingly invincible Philistine giant but, instead, demonstrate thefaith and courage of a young shepherd boy who downed the great giantusing only a stone in a sling and later became Israel’s greatest king —David. Israel, know and believe that G-d is on your side even ifAmerica and the rest of the world are against you.