The 9-11 emergency wake-up call

We must stop hitting the snooze button again and again, and wake up to the threat that radical Islam poses to Democratic way of life.

For just over 42 years, Americans have dialed 9-1-1 to summon police, fire and emergency medical services. Ironically, Muslim jihadists created a great new national emergency in the US on that very date (9/11), nine years ago. They notified all Americans, in no uncertain terms, that radical Muslim terrorists were on a quest to take down the mighty United States.
On 9/11, they commandeered four commercial airplanes and crashed two into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, America’s primary financial symbol, killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process. Another one hit the Pentagon in Washington, DC and another crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers heroically attacked the hijackers.
Altogether, the number of innocent Americans killed was more than 3,000. The Muslim terrorists created an indelible emergency that Americans will never forget. Yet many people who know absolutely nothing about the teachings of the Koran claim that Islam, when practiced in complete adherence, is a peaceful religion. 9/11 proves otherwise.
Now, while we have still not fully recovered from that worst single-day loss of civilian lives in American history, a Muslim imam wants to construct a 13-story Islamic mosque and community center close to Ground Zero, the site of the destroyed Twin Towers in New York City. What is dismaying (and, perhaps, a warning to the world) is the near-total insensitivity of those Muslims toward the families of the 9/11 victims, as well as other Americans who oppose the construction of the mosque in that area. They have announced that they want to call it the Cordoba Mosque, named for the Muslim conquest of Spain. At that time, the Muslims built a giant mosque over the site of a Christian church in Cordoba to celebrate their conquest and demonstrate the superiority of Islam over Christianity. Do they have the same purpose in mind for this new mosque - to celebrate Muslim superiority?
They claim that the mosque and community center will help heal the wounds opened by the terrorist atrocity, yet something is strange about their thinking and their values. Does it not also tell us something when the Islamic cleric in charge of the project charges that America created the conditions that provoked the 9/11 attacks? Furthermore, he endorses Islamic sharia law that greatly suppresses individual liberties, shamefully discriminates against women, and savagely punishes transgressors. That sounds like a grossly traitorous attitude toward our country and our way of life, yet somehow he enjoys favor with President Barack Obama and with the Jewish mayor of New York City.
It seems incomprehensible that these officials are okay with the idea of the construction of the proposed 13-story mosque so close to Ground Zero, where the World Trade Center towers stood. Of course, our American president has made overtures to Muslim royalty, given apologetic speeches to Muslim leaders, and castigated our Israeli allies for building on their own real estate. But how can he now ignore the desperate calls of the 9/11 victims’ families and friends, and approve the erection of such an offensive mosque near Ground Zero?
Interestingly, the same kind of Muslim arrogance and insensitivity has been demonstrated in Israel, where Muslims have built mosques right next to sacred Jewish and Christian sites, obviously to provoke. There is now a mosque right next to Golgotha Hill, which Christian pilgrims from around the world visit as possibly the sacred place where Yeshua was crucified. At regular intervals, the loud, amplified Muslim prayer calls effectively disturb the Christian visitors (by design). The Muslims also built a mosque right on top of the graves of the revered Jewish patriarchs in Hebron. And recently, they tried hard, albeit unsuccessfully, to build a new mosque right next to the revered Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth.
Of course, there are already a few hundred mosques in New York City, and some 20,000 mosques in religiously tolerant America as a whole. But there are absolutely no Jewish synagogues or Christian churches in Saudi Arabia and most other Arab-Muslim countries. Wouldn’t turnabout be fair play? Jews and Christians should be demanding to build a synagogue and a church right next to the Al Haj Center in Mecca. Obviously, nobody really needs another mosque in New York City. It is only designed to add insult to injury.
All this is simply a clear reflection of the intent of these insensitive Muslims, who are so drastically hostile toward Jewish and Christian “infidels” and have orders in their supposedly holy guidebook, the Koran, to either convert or annihilate us. That includes our countries, Israel and the United States, who are considered to be “The Great and Small Satans.” We don’t believe that anti-God, Islamic-originated storms will cease any time soon.
So, do we continue to hit the snooze button again and again or do we wake up and take seriously the threat that radical Islam poses to our American (and Christian and Jewish) way of life here is America and in all democratic countries around the world?  Even IF the majority of Muslims were peace loving people practicing a peaceful religion as many claim, the fact remains that the radicals are presently in control of the Islamic faith.  They are the ones being heard. They are the ones making the threats and carrying out acts of terror against innocent people around the world.  So, where are the majority of “peace-loving” Muslims?  Why aren’t their voices being heard condemning acts of terror and calling attention to the insensitivity of those who want to throw salt in an open wound by building a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center?   In America we once had a “silent majority.”  Their strength was made known in the voting booth. 
So-called peaceful followers of Islam claim to make up the majority of the Muslim population but what good is it to be counted among the majority of anything if you are powerless?  It is high time for the “peace-loving Muslims” to use their voices, their power and their strength to promote that which is right and good and considerate over that which is hateful and evil and destructive.  Anything short of an all out, united and world wide condemnation of the actions of radical Muslims is the same as cowardly condoning those who commit despicable acts of terror.  There is no middle ground and no straddling the fence.  IF there really are any peace loving Muslims, they, too, will fall victim to the radicals. Islam is rising. Beware!