Israel Always: Barak Hussein Obama - The Savior?

American Christians do not believe Obama to be the great Savior the media plays him out to be.

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With United States president elect Barack Obama poised to assume control of the most powerful nation on earth, America's many conservative Christians are not convinced he is the great savior of America that the liberal mediaare extolling him to be and, even more important for Israel, he may not bring the great solution to any of the Israeli-Arab problems.
As a conservative Christian I cannot understand how a majority of Americans actually voted for a person who had so many reasons to vote against him. He had numerous anti-American and anti-Semitic associations which too manypeople excused when they heard his campaign rhetoric aka alibis. In fact, his old close associations with an anti-American terrorist and other shady characters would have prevented him from passing a security clearance test for any government job, much less that of the nation's commander-in-chief.
Obama had many flip-flop positions from his unbending liberal track record in the U.S. Senate and he posed as a more conservative candidate to gain votes during the presidential election. I personally cannot fathom how so many voters failed to see through his tactics. In this regard, he seemed to live up to the reputation of his Arab-Muslim middle name of Hussein; a namehe downplayed during the election process but which he now wants to have included as he takes the oath of office in January.
According to a reliable poll, while 76 percent of American voters living in Israel voted for the more conservative candidate John McCain, a surprising 78 percent of Jewish people in America cast their votes for the liberal Obama. It is alarming how so many members of the American Jewish community could overlook his Muslim connections. Recently while visiting a school inJerusalem which has a 50/50 mix of Arab and Jewish students, I was not surprised when the teacher asked the students to comment on the best thingabout Obama being the president elect of the United States. The first student to respond said, "Because he is Muslim." When the student was askedwhy he believed this his response was, "Because his father was Muslim and everyone knows that when your father is Muslim you are also Muslim." Obamahas frequently denied being such and has, in fact, claimed to be a Christian even though he attended a church for over two decades which openly supported Louis Farrakhan; himself a radical Muslim. Obama's repeated statements thathe would meet with Iran's dictatorial leadership without preconditions strongly suggest where his leaning rest. Meeting with Ahmadinejad undoubtedly would give Iran the covering it needs to complete its development of a nuclear bomb without fear of any military intervention by the United States who, in turn, would pressure Israel to hold still.
Immediately after the election, Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni publicly condemned Obama's plan to talk with Iran. Livni stated, "We live ina neighborhood in which dialogue, in a situation where you have brought sanctions and then shift to dialogue, is likely to be interpreted as weakness." Asked directly if she supported Obama's having dialogue with Iran, she emphatically declared, "No!"
More cause for Israeli and American concern came from the Arab press. A Lebanese newspaper reported that Obama told Palestinian President MahmoudAbbas in secret that he strongly supports a Palestinian state with Arab possession of East Jerusalem. He also claimed that "nobody has suffered more than the Palestinians." The source quoted Abbas as saying that he "heard thebest things he has ever heard from an American president." One can only imagine what that means for Israel.
This clearly is in sharp contrast to the cheers Obama received a few months back from the Jewish AIPAC conference audience in Washington D.C. at which time Obama stated his support for an undivided Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. It was reported, and we must not forget, that he retracted his proclamation to the AIPAC audience the very next day because of pressure from the Arabs. Furthermore, we cannot ignore his fellow African-American Jesse Jackson's declaration that, unlike President Bush, Obama will actually force Israel to surrender its Biblical heartland for the creation of an Arab Palestinian state.
The liberal American media keep trying to remind us that Obama has repeatedly said he is a friend to Israel. But how can we simply toss asideall his pro-Arab, pro-Muslim, and pro-Palestinian past associations? How can we simply overlook his past statements blaming the suffering of thePalestinian Arabs on Israel? How can we not take seriously his past statement that if and when a crisis comes, he will side with the Muslims?
None should be too surprised when Obama turns out to be anything but a "savior" for either America or Israel. None should be too surprised when heshows his true colors and none should be too surprised when they see which way Barack Hussein Obama leans as he forms his foreign affairs plans and policies. Those of us who love the country and the Judeo-Christian values woven into the fabric of America by our founding forefathers are about to see a rapid transformation take place right before our eyes and the coming changes are certain to cause a dramatic shift in the very foundation of our American democratic way of life.
Earl Cox, International Christian Broadcaster, known as 'the voice of Israel to the world.' He is also the founder of Israel Always
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