Israel Always: Is oil more important than Israel?

The Arab oil and economic clubs are wavering over America's head like a guillotine.

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Have you noticed that in all the current US presidential campaign oratory, in all the TV debates, and in all the mass media coverage of the campaigns, something has been missing? Yes, one most important subject, one most serious issue has been strangely missing. And that missing ingredient is nothing other than Israel! Of course, the first thing we have to ask is, "Why?" Why is Israel seemingly not on the minds of these US presidential candidates? Why are they seemingly ignoring one of America's most important foreign policy issues? Why has there been no mention of Israel in their campaign talk? We have to wonder why. Israel is certainly a dominant focus of world news every day. The Israeli-Arab conflict continues to flare, and the American media are on the spot, along with the rest of the world media. So with the eyes of the whole world daily focused on Israel, why is Israel seemingly not important to these US presidential candidates? With virtually all the candidates agreeing that the US 'War on Terror' is the number one issue in the campaign, how can they all talk about Iraq and Iran and al Qaida, and say nothing about the unrelenting violence of the Palestinian Arab and Muslim terrorists? Israel is undoubtedly America's only loyal and faithful ally in the Middle East. And Israel's assistance is certainly important to the success of America's current warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq, where thousands of American military troops have their lives on the line. It this very special alliance not important to the presidential candidates? We have to wonder why. With Iran's President Ahmadinejad calling virtually every week for Israel to be "wiped off the face of the map" and seriously threatening nuclear destruction for Israel as well as for the US, how can the presidential candidates ignore this grave existential threat to Israel? We must wonder why. Since US intelligence sources have strangely concluded that Iran has discontinued its nuclear weapons development, virtually leaving it up to Israel now to "go it alone" to protect herself, as well as the US, from possible nuclear destruction, how can all these candidates act as if they do not care? Again, we must wonder why. Democratic Party candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both stressed that if they are elected president, they will "retreat" from Iraq, pull the US troops out, and hand over the country and area to the control of the Muslim militants. Of course, that would seriously affect both the US and Israel. But Israel's fate does not seem important to these candidates. Why? President Bush only recently made his initial state visit to Israel since he became president, focusing on fostering America's special relationship with Israel. Why have none of the candidates focused on this important relationship? Actually, a few of the presidential candidates have made brief statements concerning Israel but not strongly enough to attract much media attention. John McCain stated that he "would not allow Ahmadinejad to destroy Israel." But he failed to say anything about the Palestinians; Hamas or Fatah, Islamic Jihad or Hizbullah. No one has said a word about stopping or punishing these Palestinian terrorists. Why? To tell the truth, we think we know the reason why. The Arab oil and economic clubs are wavering over America's head like a guillotine. Not only our current president, but also the presidential candidates, I'm sure, feel and understand this dangerous threat. They seem to believe that they have no other course but to continue to appease the threatening Arabs - in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and elsewhere, including Iraq. "Oil is the salvation of America," one American official once declared. Of course, he was inferring that oil is more important to America than Israel. However, the vast majority of us Christians, and there are millions of us, do not fully agree with that perspective. We would like to see and hear all of the current US presidential candidates come out with strong statements of support and assistance for Israel in recognition and reciprocation for the invaluable friendship, support and help that Israel faithfully provides for America. Earl Cox, International Christian Broadcaster, known as 'the voice of Israel to the world.' He is also the founder of Israel Always Previous entries: Fighting Fair - What the Media Doesn't Tell You Israel rejects US report on Iran Has God abandoned Israel? Did someone say 'peace'? No Palestinian State Alternate reality Relations between Israel's Jews and Christians improving Do the Palestinians deserve their own state