Book Review:‘A to Z with the One True King’ makes it easy to teach children Scriptures

Therapist Suzanne Stamboulieh's latest book is a simple venture, to say the least – and that is exactly what makes it stand out.

‘A to Z with the One True King’ makes it easy to teach children Scriptures- By Joy Banbury (photo credit: Courtesy)
‘A to Z with the One True King’ makes it easy to teach children Scriptures- By Joy Banbury
(photo credit: Courtesy)
After having seen that there wasn’t enough good-quality Christian material for children in the market, therapist Suzanne Stamboulieh took it upon herself to try to fill that void.
Urged by her husband, Stamboulieh started with a girls’ chapter book called Scarlett Gray Joins the Parade, based on Ephesians 6:1, while simultaneously surging to launch an independent publishing company, Scarlett Gray Publishing.
Her latest book, A to Z with the One True King, continues to fill that gap. It’s an alphabet book, where each letter is tied to a specific Bible verse, with colorful illustrations by Katrina Clark depicting each verse – 26 letters, 26 verses, 26 illustrations.
It’s a simple venture, to say the least. – and that is exactly what makes it stand out.
In a world that is constantly consuming and not taking the time and endeavor to focus on instilling conservative and traditional values in their children, which have unfortunately been fading away in recent generations, this project is a success.
The book starts off with Joshua 24:15 – “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” which sets the proper tone for a book that teaches values based on God’s word, while it meanders through the Old and New Testament with illustrations depicting modern society, as well as several portraying life in the Holy Land in the time of the Bible. 
The benefits are multi-fold. First, it is a great opportunity to put your child or grandchild on your lap, unwind from the fast-paced world and spend time and connect and bond with them. It has no intention of replacing the Bible, but it does help make the Bible more retainable and easier to understand in today’s modern world, especially when seeing the verses face to face with modern illustrations depicting 21st century realities, challenges and difficulties.
And while it may seem that the content will run out and become boring after the first few reads, the opposite is true. Whenever an issue or dilemma comes up, the parent can take out the book, and re-read the verse and show the illustration to the child to demonstrate that the words of the Bible are very much relevant, and it is our duty to apply them to our lives.
It is also an opportunity for older brothers and sisters to spend quality time with their younger siblings. And by reading Bible verses, they themselves learn about responsibility, care and love. Truly, a preferable reality compared to having them fight.

What makes the book and publishing company all the more impressive, however, is Stamboulieh’s dedication to ensuring that only quality, Christian material will be printed – the raison d’être of starting a Christian publishing company.
Not wanting to go into debt, she paid all the costs upfront – with she and her family making sacrifices, tighter budgets and coming up with creative ways, such as collecting discarded second-hand items and selling them at garage sales, in order to establish Scarlett Gray Publishing.
Children are sponges, and they will learn from whatever they have in front of them. So why not put something positive in front of them.
A to Z with the One True King fits that role perfectly.
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