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Israel-Hamas conflict: A prophetic window into end times?

Psalm 83 talks about how Israel’s “enemies growl” and its “foes rear their heads,” with their leaders calling to “destroy them as a nation so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”

Spain's Catholic Church to compensate sexual abuse victims

The Church had until now refused to compensate victims in cases where the abuser had died, a frequent occurrence.


Jerusalem Christians rally round Armenian Church over land deal

Armenians say they risk being uprooted by a deal to lease about 25% of their area to developers who want to build a luxury hotel on the site.


Are the Christian Cowboys helping Israel Evangelical missionaries?

About the sponsoring organization HaYovel, which brought them to Israel.


US Congressmen call for weekend of prayer for people of Israel

The resolution outlines the "unprovoked, premeditated, and barbaric attack carried out by the Iran-backed terrorist group Hamas."

Christian Israelis cross barrier in Israel’s line of defense

ICEJ President Juergen Buehler’s family history illustrates a profound shift from a father in Hitler’s army to sons defending Israel.


Christian leader gives Biden A- for response to Hamas massacre

Dr. Mike Evans says former US President Donald Trump would not have handled the war against Hamas as well as President Joe Biden.

Jesus' birthplace removes all Christmas decorations in honor of Hamas 'martyrs’

A spokesperson for the city also told the Telegraph, “The reason is the general situation in Palestine; people are not really into any celebration."

Evangelicals stand with Israel, voices of faith ring through National Mall

The Evangelical Christian lineup included Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson and Christians United for Israel (CUFI) founder Pastor John Hagee.

Christians raise $3.2 million to secure emergency resources for Israel

“Millions of Christians and Jews around the world are doing everything they can to help keep the people of Israel safe.”

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