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Curiosity about religion is viewed as morally virtuous, new research finds

Atheists were also found to regard this curiosity as moral, although less moral than a lack of religious curiosity.

Thousands of Christian supporters of Israel march in Jerusalem

A million Christians to pray for Jews, Israel on Yom Kippur

This Christian prayer call does not appear to be for Jewish conversion, rather it calls for non-Jews to come to the God of the bible.

Vatican Jerusalem Cardinal appointment signals diplomatic and religious intentions

The appointment of Archbishop Pizzaballa as a cardinal underlines the Vatican's desire to play a more active role in the ongoing diplomatic discussions concerning Jerusalem.


Pope says countries should not 'play games' with Ukraine on arms aid

A number of countries, including the United States, face internal political pressure to stop or curtail spending on weapons sent to Ukraine.


Pope says impeding migrant rescues at sea is 'gesture of hate'

According to the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, about 178,500 migrants have come to Europe in the year to date via the Mediterranean, while about 2,500 died or went missing on the way.


A California county calls off ‘American Christian Heritage Month’ after fierce backlash

The county’s elected governing body rescinded the proclamation following backlash from local Jews, the ACLU, and others.


Hundreds of Evangelicals led by Fiji dep. PM to take historic flight to Israel

The more than-16,000 km. flight will be run by Fiji Airways, which will be making the airline’s first-ever landing in Israel.

  Mike Pompeo (left) and David Friedman filming Route 60

Route 60: Biblical Highway breaks box office expectations

The movie, produced by Trinity Broadcasting Company, was released on Monday night.

WATCH: Pakistani man arrested for 'desecrating' Bible with his slippers

The man’s actions were brought to light when footage of him hitting the bible with a slipper emerged on X.

US arrests six 'Soldiers of Christ' after Korean woman's body found in car

The unnamed victim underwent starvation and beatings before her death.

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