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As war rages, Ukrainian joins thousands in Portugal to pray for peace

The annual event marks the first of three reported visions of the Virgin Mary, also known as Our Lady, more than 100 years ago.


Jerusalem's Christians feel backed against a wall

RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS: Facing issues ranging from vandalism to property sales to restrictions on of worshipers at for disputed safety concerns, Christians feel backed against a

Why is the Pope waiting to go to Russia, and not going to Ukraine? - analysis

Pope Francis was quoted as claiming that NATO was somehow to blame for the conflict in Ukraine because of “NATO barking at Russia’s door."

Pope says he wants to go to Moscow to meet Putin over Ukraine - paper

Pope Francis told Italy's Corriere Della Sera newspaper that Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, who has given the war his full-throated backing, "cannot become Putin's altar boy."

Third Temple

A Christian view of the coming Temple - opinion

A big topic in New Testament Bible prophecy: The building of the Third Temple

For Jews, Christians: Is there a chance for reconciliation in the future?

Opinion: "At the end of days the love between the two brothers – Yaakov and Eisav – will return.” 


Israeli defense minister meets with Evangelical leaders for the first time

First-person: Benny Gantz praised 'powerful ties between Israel, Evangelicals

By Joel C. Rosenberg / All Israel News

What early Christian communities tell us about financial aid during crises

Opinion: The earliest Christian texts show evidence for the pooling of economic resources.

By Cavan W. Concannon

Can Themba: South Africa’s rebel journalist was a teacher at heart

Q&A: Can Themba asked if white churches would welcome black worshippers.

By Siphiwo Mahala

Pope: Mariupol 'barbarously bombarded', implicitly criticizing Russia

Pope Francis asked for month-long prayers for peace in Ukraine.

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