Craigslist founder is fighting for trustworthy journalism

Craig Newmark will speak on Sept. 12 at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.

 Craig Newmark (photo credit: FLICKR)
Craig Newmark
(photo credit: FLICKR)

According to Craig Newmark, disinformation and fake news are one of the most crucial challenges of our times. 

For this reason, the founder of the classified ads website Craigslist has decided that promoting trustworthy journalism is the first mission of his charitable organization, Craig Newmark Philanthropies. 

Newmark established the organization in 2015.

Craig Newmark will speak at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference on Sept. 12 in New York. The topic: "Tikkun olam meets Start-up Nation." Learn more.

“I'm aware that, with Craigslist, I got lucky financially and should share that in ways that are meaningful and contribute to the common good,” Newmark explained on the charity’s website. “That's why I support groups that are already doing good work defending the values this country aspires to, like fairness, opportunity and respect. They're helping to strengthen American democracy.”

Craig Newmark Philanthropies is also involved in initiatives connected to voter protection, women in tech and veterans. 

Jewish identity

Newmark’s Jewish identity has been one of the drives behind his philanthropic endeavors.

“Those are fundamental issues, but they’re all about repairing the world, or ‘tikkun olam’,” he said speaking at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference last year. “These are the values instilled in me very early in Hebrew school by Mr. and Mrs. Levin. They helped me understand that I should treat people like I want to be treated. They helped me understand the ninth commandment about not bearing false witness, of providing bad information. And that formed my spiritual direction.”

Craig Newmark speaks remotely at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in 2021 (Credit: Screenshot)Craig Newmark speaks remotely at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in 2021 (Credit: Screenshot)

Recently, the entrepreneur-turned-philanthropist has also taken an interest in “cyber civil defense.”

“American and western democracies are at risk,” Newmark said last April, when his organization pledged $50 million to projects in the field of web security. “As individuals, we’re also under attack. We need to work together to protect each other and democratic ideals in the digital world.”

Meet Craig on Sept. 12 in New York. More details.