Celebrate the faces of Israel in Jerusalem

April 27 at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem

 Museum of Tolerance (photo credit: Shai Gil  )
Museum of Tolerance
(photo credit: Shai Gil )

While the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv appear to be in flames and the world is watching with bated breath, the Jerusalem Post and the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem believe there can be another way.

Join us on April 27 to “Celebrate the Faces of Israel.” The event is meant to highlight diversity, tolerance and the people who have helped make Israel a success.

Dialogue about issues of religion and state, U.S.-Israel relations, judicial overhaul, tensions between Jews and Arabs and more in a place and on a platform that encourages hearing both sides of a story.

Meet Israel Prize winners, women, and men who are changing Israel and the world.

Some of the speakers include: US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides, philanthropist and businessman Sylvan Adams, Museum of Tolerance Co-chairs Larry Mizel and Rabbi Marvin Hier, Director-General of Israel’s National Cyber Directorate Gaby Portnoy and many more.

A full list of speakers can be seen at www.jpost.com/faces23.

The event will be held in-person and streamed live on jpost.com and our social channels. 

Celebrate the Faces of Israel is a joint initiative of the Jerusalem Post at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem.

The event will take place at the museum and is free and open to the public.

For tickets: www.jpost.com/faces23