The Israeli star who does it all

Dana Frieder can act, sing, dance, and even model.

Dana Frieder (photo credit: courtesy)
Dana Frieder
(photo credit: courtesy)
Some stars can only act. Others only sing. Dana Frieder can act, sing, dance, and even model. Dana was born on February 19, 1987 in Rishon LeZion. After she finished high school, Dana went to the army like most other Israelis, serving as a choreographer in the IDF Education and Youth corps.
Israel first met Dana in 2004. That’s when she became a cheerleader for the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team.
In 2005, Dana’s fame grew. That was the year that she participated in the TV show Born to Dance, where she became a true success.
Dana decided that cheering and dancing were not enough for her; she also wanted to act. She then became a host on the Nickelodeon channel. She also played Eleanor on the second season of the telenovela Champion ( האלופה ). Then she acted as Nuphar Klein, a model on another telenovela called Dolls ( בובות ). For those that watch current Israeli TV, you can watch Dana on the popular children’s show Pajamas ( .(הפיג’מות Dana has participated many times in the Festigal, which is a yearly children’s festival that happens before and after Chanukah. She first started to participate in it in 2007. She won second place with the song called “Electric Girl.” In 2011, Dana played the Facebook Girl, called “Like.” She sang a popular song called “Tag Me Baby.” That year on Purim, kids around Israel wanted to dress up just like “Like.” It was one of the most popular costumes of the year.
In 2010, Dana decided to move away from children’s TV. She starred as Yulie on the very popular Israeli show Asfur. 2011 was a big year for Dana. She couldn’t leave children’s TV forever, so she became a host of the children’s channel while she was still playing Yulie. Dana has also acted in the show Galis. She plays the role of Mika, who is the counselor of the “Olympus” Group.
Dana has also appeared in many Israeli advertisements, such as ads for TNT and Sketchers. She is truly a rising Israeli star. With over 35,000 fans on her Facebook page, things are only going up for this young talent.