5 Israelis wounded from Palestinian stone-throwing

Palestinians throw stones, lightly wounding five Israelis near Beit Omar; Border Police report 6 different clashes with Palestinians.

Palestian clashes 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Palestian clashes 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Five Israelis were lightly wounded and two vehicles were harmed near the village of Beit Omar in the West Bank after Palestinians threw stones at them on Friday evening, according to the IDF.
In addition, Border Police spokesman Idal Iluz said there were six clashes between Palestinians and security forces at six different locations in the West Bank, including Bi’lin, Nebi Salah and Silwad also on Friday.
A Border Police officer was lightly wounded by a rockthrower in Silwad and treated at the scene. Border Police arrested one rockthrower following that incident, Iluz said.
In Kaddum, west of Nablus, several hundred Palestinians rioted and threw stones at security personnel on Friday, according to the IDF. Security forces employed riot dispersal means.
Earlier in the day a civilian vehicle was fired upon on Highway 55 in the West Bank, according to the IDF. There were no injuries. Security personnel searched the area.
Two settlers were detained, after they clashed with security personnel who had arrived to help put out a fire set by Palestinians near the Har Bracha settlement, according to the IDF.