Border Police show skills to Colombian delegation

Israel's Border Police display methods for undercover fighting, camouflage techniques, and counter-terrorism to a Jewish group.

Border police training 370 (photo credit: Hadas Parush)
Border police training 370
(photo credit: Hadas Parush)
A delegation from the Colombian Jewish community have been treated to a display of the capabilities of Israel's Border Police, viewing skills and methods for riot control, undercover fighting, camouflage techniques, and counter-terrorism.
"We usually host delegations from all over the world, taking an active role in anything to do with the image of Israel overseas. We see great importance in it," said Meni Levi, A Border Police training officer.
"Jewish delegations come here from around the globe, and we show them all the activities of the Border police and the Israel police when it comes to disorderly conduct, fighting and camouflage, and fighting terror."
At the training base in the West Bank settlement of Beit Horon, the Colombian visitors were exposed to some of the tools used during riots in the West Bank, such as "Skunk", a strong foul smelling liquid sprayed by a truck to disperse crowds, a smell that sticks to the body for weeks.
Another tool is the siren, a deafening tool that slows down activity. "We're quite impressed by the professionalism and by the accent they put on human rights in their activities.
They have that concern for people before anything else," said the General Director of Colombian Jewish Federation, Marcos Peckel. "I know that Colombia has a long history of collaboration with Israel in military and police matters. I'm sure that many of the things that are used in Israel can be used in Colombia and vice versa." I
n addition to Jewish communities from abroad, delegations of military and defense officials from the US and Europe also visit the Border Police bases to share techniques and increase cooperation.