Gallery: Aftermath of triple terror attack in South

Photos of bus from shooting attack, emergency personnel at the ambush site, after eight people were killed and dozens injured.

Second bus attacked in terror attacks in South
Barak on tour of site of terror attack in South
ZAKA volunteers avoid terrorist fire on Route 12
ZAKA volunteer evacuates body on Route 12
Items on bus after ambush in Eilat
The bus after an ambush on way to Eilat
The bus driver after bus was ambushed near Eilat
Emergency personnel stand near ambushed bus
Emergency personnel stand near ambushed bus
Below are photos taken after eight people were reported dead and dozens injured in a three-stage terrorist attack along Israel’s border with Egypt on Thursday.
Terrorists opened fire at an Egged bus traveling on Road 12 near Eilat, and several minutes later, a number of bombs went off next to an IDF patrol traveling along the border with Egypt. There were also reports of mortar fire from Egypt into Israel.
The terrorists apparently then moved on to another spot and fired an anti-tank missile at another vehicle, injuring a number of passengers.
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