Grad rockets fall on Beersheba neighborhood

Katyushas cause extensive damage, are first Grad launch since Cast Lead; IAF strikes rocket launching cell in northern Gaza Strip.

Grad rocket in Beersheba 311 (photo credit: Yasser Okbi/Israel Post)
Grad rocket in Beersheba 311
(photo credit: Yasser Okbi/Israel Post)
Two Grad-model Katyusha rockets struck Beersheba for the first time since Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip over two years ago.
The rockets fell on in a residential Beersheba neighborhood. One rocket landed in the yard of a home, causing extensive damage. Air raid sirens went off throughout the city mere seconds before the rocket struck.

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No injuries were reported but five people were treated for shock.
Roughly an hour later, the Air Force struck a rocket launching cell in the northern Gaza Strip in the same field where the two Grad rockets were fired.
The IDF spokesperson said that the intended targets were hit in the strike.

In a statement, the IDF said it will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli citizens or IDF soldiers and will continue to operate against any actor or terrorist acting against the State of Israel. The IDF views Hamas as being solely responsible for all activities in Gaza and for maintaining quiet in the Strip.
Earlier Wednesday afternoon, an explosive device was detonated as IDF soldiers passed near the Gaza security fence during a routine operation and a mortar shell was then fired at the force. No one was injured and no damage was reported in the attack.
The IDF identified a number of terrorists in the area and directed tank fire in their direction, confirming a successful hit of their intended target.
Eleven Palestinians were injured in the IDF strike, including three members of the Islamic Jihad and three children, according to Palestinian sources.
In addition to the border skirmish, a total of five mortar shells fired from Gaza landed in the Sedot Negev Regional Council area on Wednesday.
No injuries or damage were reported in the attacks.