Home Front Command: Rockets will fall on TA in next war

On 20th anniversary of 1991 Gulf War, head of Dan region Home Front Command says missiles could kill hundreds in attacks on central Israel.

TEL AVIV 311 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Tel Aviv will be subject to rocket attacks from multiple fronts in Israel's future conflicts, according to comments made by the commander of the Dan region in the IDF Home Front Command on Wednesday.
"Dozens of missiles of all kinds will land on Tel Aviv, and therefore the estimation is that hundreds will die and structures and infrastructure will be destroyed," Colonel Adam Zussman was quoted by Army Radio as saying.
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Zussman's comments came on the twentieth anniversary of the first Scud missiles falling on central Israel at the start of the first Gulf War in January 1991.
Zussman addressed the dangers of having Israel's major economic institutions such as the Stock Market in Ramat Gan under attack and the chance that such a situation could paralyze the nation during a war.
"I'm interested in our banks and economy continuing to function. We need to prepare alternatives as soon as as possible," said Zussman.
Zussman stated that he did not wish to alarm the residents of Tel Aviv and the Dan region, but rather to make them understand that the threat is a real possibility. This will compel the public to prepare their gas masks and bomb shelters, he added.
"There is no doubt that the first missile that lands in Tel Aviv will frighten those sitting in coffee shops today, but with our instructions and our citizens' good discipline, the estimation is that the initial shock will pass," Zussman stated.
The Home Front Command expressed that they do not support evacuating residents from central Israel in the event of a future war.