IDF inspecting remains of two Syrian rockets that exploded on Mount Hermon

IDF examining all potential sources of rocket fire, including Hezbollah.

Gaza rocket at sunset  (photo credit: REUTERS/ Darren Whiteside)
Gaza rocket at sunset
(photo credit: REUTERS/ Darren Whiteside)
IDF soldiers recovered the remains of two Syrian rockets on Mount Hermon on Saturday morning.
The rockets exploded in the north at approximately 12:45 a.m. According to initial army assessments, the projectiles were not aimed at Israel, but were fired in the course of battles raging between the Syrian army and rebel forces north of the border.
However, late on Saturday evening army sources said that all possibilities were being investigated, including the possibility that Hezbollah fired the rockets.
Separately, on Friday night, the Israel Air Force carried out a strike in northern Gaza.
An IDF spokeswoman said the strike targeted a rocket launcher that posed an immediate threat to Israeli security. There were no reports of injuries.
Earlier last week, the IDF Northern Command remained on a heightened state of alert, a day after Hezbollah threatened retaliation for an alleged Israeli air strike on a site in eastern Lebanon in which the terrorist organization was moving weapons.
The state of alert can be seen as a natural response to , but is not necessarily an indication of an imminent flare up along the border.
Also on Saturday morning, Gazan hospital officials said a Palestinian woman in the Gaza Strip was shot and killed by the IDF, in an area near the border that Israel has declared a no-go zone.
The army said a suspect approached the security fence and ignored warnings to leave the area, leading to shots fired.
Gaza residents said it was not clear why 50-year-old Amna Qdaih, who they said suffered from a mental illness, was near the security fence.
Reuters contributed to this report.