IDF arrests Islamic Jihad member in West Bank

Clashes break out in Palestinian village following arrest of Islamic Jihad suspect; five Palestinians, 2 IDF soldiers lightly injured.

Jenin 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
Jenin 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)
An elite Border Police undercover unit entered the West Bank town of Tamun, northeast of Nablus, and arrested an Islamic Jihad suspect on Tuesday morning, according to army sources.
The sources dismissed Palestinian reports that the unit had been uncovered by locals, saying that when it carried out the arrest, the unit dropped its cover as planned, and that the incident was not unusual.
During the searches, the army sources said, violent disturbances broke out. Security forces fired rubber bullets to keep rioters at bay.
An IDF spokeswoman said in an official statement that the Islamic Jihad member arrested was Morad Beni Uda, adding that he was taken for questioning.
“An illegal, violent disturbance involving dozens of rioters broke out, involving rock throwing. The IDF responded with riot dispersal means,” the spokeswoman said.
Five Palestinians were lightly injured and two soldiers were very lightly injured during the clashes. The soldiers did not require hospital care, and received medical treatment on the scene.
It was not immediately clear whether the second terror suspect had been arrested.