IDF fires on Palestinians trying to cross the security fence in nothern West Bank

Soldiers open fire after suspects ignore calls to stop; one injured Palestinian evacuated to hospital in Israel.

IDF soldiers at West Bank checkpoint 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Ammar Awad)
IDF soldiers at West Bank checkpoint 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ammar Awad)
The army identified a group of Palestinians attempting to cross through a break in the security barrier on Tuesday near the Oranit checkpoint, southeast of Kalkilya, so they could enter an area of central Israel within the pre-1967 lines.
Soldiers called out for the suspects to stop, but they ignored the calls. Soldiers then opened fire, hitting one of the suspects.
The wounded Palestinian was evacuated to an Israeli hospital.
Oranit Council head Shlomi Langer told The Jerusalem Post that he had long been complaining to security forces about Palestinians illegally coming through the barrier through that break.
These Palestinians, he said, were often looking to work illegally in Israel and presented a security risk.
Besides that, he added, they created a road safety issue in that area.
He said that only recently had the IDF responded to his complaints by placing extra soldiers in that area. Tuesday’s incident was the result of the enforced security, he said.
According to statistics compiled by the United Nations, only 62 percent of the security barrier has been completed, and work is under way on another 10% of the route, leaving breaks in the barrier that enable Palestinians to infiltrate.