Soldiers on Egyptian border hear shots fired

Soldiers fire and shoot suspect in leg as he is scaling border fence; second infiltrator captured by soldiers in Israeli territory.

Sinai border fence 370 (photo credit: Reuters/ BAZ RATNER)
Sinai border fence 370
(photo credit: Reuters/ BAZ RATNER)
IDF soldiers patrolling the border with Egypt reported hearing shots fired from Sinai on Monday.
The IDF launched an investigation. There were no injuries.
Earlier on Monday, the IDF identified an attempt by two suspects to cross into Israel from Egypt. Soldiers called on the men to move back from the border fence, but the suspects ignored the warning. The soldiers then opened fire and struck one suspect in the leg as he was climbing the fence. The wounded individual fell back into Egypt and the second person fled into Israel and was subsequently captured. The suspect was being questioned by the army.
The army has not yet disclosed details of the men’s identity.
The IDF remains on alert for attempts by terrorists in Sinai to carry out a cross-border attack.