Iranian threat against Israeli targets revealed

Turkish media reports Israel alerted Ankara that Iran Revolutionary Guards seeking to harm diplomats in Turkey.

Turkish soldier on Syrian border 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Turkish soldier on Syrian border 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Mossad has warned Turkey that Israel’s diplomatic missions in the country could be targeted by Iran, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reported Thursday.
Citing a story aired on NTV News, Hurriyet said the Mossad sent a letter to Turkey’s MIT National Intelligence Agency warning of a plot by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force to attack Israeli targets in the country. Israel maintains an embassy in Ankara and also has a consulate in Istanbul.
Four individuals have already entered Turkey from Iran and are in possession of weapons and materials to be used in the attacks, the report added.
Israeli diplomats in Turkey are routinely under a highstate of alert due to a constant terror threat against Israelis in the country. Several years ago, an Iranian plot was thwarted to down an Israeli airliner in Turkey with shoulder to air missiles. Hamas is also believed to have increased its operations in Turkey in recent years.
News of the terror alert comes weeks after a series of alleged Iranian plots to attack Israeli targets were thwarted in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Thailand. One attack succeeded when a bomb attached to an Israeli diplomatic car injured Tali Yehoshua Koren in New Delhi.