'Iron Dome intercepted over 90% of targets'

Home Front Command colonel says 25 of 27 rockets headed for southern cities intercepted by system.

Iron Dome 311 R (photo credit: NIR ELIAS / Reuters)
Iron Dome 311 R
(photo credit: NIR ELIAS / Reuters)
The Iron Dome system intercepted over 90% of the rockets it aimed at stopping, Col. (ret.) Chilik Sofer, of the Home Front Command, told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday. Twenty five out of 27 rockets heading for southern cities were stopped, according to the army.
"We are satisfied with the way the public is listening to safety instructions, and with our very good cooperation with local authorities," Sofer said. Rocket warning sirens are functioning well, he added.
The Home Front Command has dispatched representatives to each local council that has been affected by rocket fire over the weekend, to coordinate preparations and responses.
Sofer said that according to the instructions in place for all those living within 40 kilometers of Gaza, all major gatherings of 500 people and more have been banned. Residents of Sderot and Gaza-border communities should remain within 15-second running distances of safe areas. Ashkelon residents should keep within a 30 second distance, and residents of Ashdod should be within 45 seconds of a safe area.
At the same time, Sofer said, residents of areas further north, in central Israel, should ensure that the safe zones are prepared. "We issue that instruction all-year round. We don't know what will happen in a week or two weeks. Hence, it is best to be prepared. If nothing happens, no harm was done by being prepared," Sofer said.
"We view it in the same way as making preparations for an earthquake.
We don't know when it will strike," he added.
Further details are available on the website of the Home Front Command: http://www.oref.org.il/315-en/PAKAR.aspx