Iron Dome said placed near Ashkelon

Media reports say IDF deploys battery and 'Code Red' siren sounded in Eshkol Regional Council; IDF fail to confirm reports.

idf iron dome 521 (photo credit: Darren Whiteside/Reuters)
idf iron dome 521
(photo credit: Darren Whiteside/Reuters)
The IDF deployed an Iron Dome anti-rocket battery near Ashkelon on Monday, media reports said.
An IDF spokeswoman said she could not confirm the location of the air defense battery, but said that an Iron Dome “is deployed in the South in line with operational needs and security evaluations.”
Also on Monday evening, a code red rocket warning siren sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council area. However, it was not clear if a rocket caused the alarm.
A spokesman for the Eshkol Regional Council said a code red was heard, followed by the sound of explosions, but it was not clear if there was a rocket landing.
A security source later said the siren had been activated in error, and that no rockets landed on Israeli territory.
On Sunday, Palestinians in Gaza fired projectiles at southern Israel, triggering the code red rocket siren in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council and disrupting a Holocaust memorial event. Video from the memorial showed families fleeing for cover at the sound of the siren.
Security forces later recovered one rocket which exploded in a field in the South.