Mofaz: We must return to policy of assassinations in Gaza

Foreign Affairs and Defense C'tee chairman says Israel can't hide behind Iron Dome while life goes on in Gaza.

Mofaz northern border 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Mofaz northern border 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman MK Shaul Mofaz said at a meeting held at Beersheba Municipality on Sunday that Israel must return to the policy of assassinations in the Gaza Strip. "We did it with Rantisi and anyone who decides to harm civilians needs to know that there will be consequences," Mofaz said.
Mofaz criticized the government's policy regarding Hamas and said: "Israel can not hide behind the Iron Dome defense system while in Gaza life goes on."
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"We must maintain our ability to attack and preserve the IDF's role as a deterrent. Without a deterrent, the Palestinian organizations are the ones that will dictate the agenda," Mofaz continued.
Mofaz was speaking at a Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting attended by authority leaders from communities in the South. During the meeting, Sderot Mayor David Buskila slammed the decision to operate the Iron Dome defense system only in the Beersheba area. "Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod are all in need of protection," he said.
Beersheba Mayor Ruvik Danilovich said during the meeting that rocket fire at his city and other communities in the South was "unacceptable."
"Two years ago we entered a new phase, it was the first time that Beersheba came under attack," he said.
Danilovich went on to say that "no other state would agree to this type of activity, and the State of Israel will also not agree."
Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel is not interested in an escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, but that attacks on southern Israel will not be tolerated.