Prosor calls on UNSC to condemn Gaza rockets

Israeli envoy writes letter to UN chief Ban calling for Security Council to recognize threat to Israelis before situation escalates.

Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor 311 (photo credit: Shahar Azran)
Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor 311
(photo credit: Shahar Azran)
Israeli UN envoy Ron Prosor called on the UN Security Council to condemn the recent rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel on Thursday.
In a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Prosor wrote, "While children were on there way back to school from the Passover vacation two rockets landed near Sderot. Instead of rushing to classrooms, these children and their families were forced to rush to bomb shelters."
Prosor called on the Security Council to condemn the attacks before the situation escalates.
"The time has come for the Security Council to begin to worry for the safety of Israeli citizens as well."
A Gazan mortar shell exploded in the Eshkol region in the South early on Thursday morning.
The shell triggered the Color Red alert before striking a field, and did not cause injuries or damages.
The remainder of Thursday remained free of Palestinian projectile attacks on the South.
Meanwhile, Hamas in Gaza arrested two members of an al-Qaida-inspired group believed to be behind recent rocket attacks on the Sderot area, AFP reported on Thursday, citing sources close to the jihadi group.
The source told AFP that Hamas domestic security forces arrested two “holy fighters,” one of whom was released soon afterward. The second man is still in custody, the source added.
The Mujahadeen Shura Council said it was behind twin rocket blasts in the Sderot area during morning hours, sending parents and their children – who were on their way to school – fleeing for cover.
Hamas’s Interior Ministry denied arresting any of those firing rockets into Israel.
Defense officials warned Hamas this week that a “drizzle of rockets” on southern Israel would not be tolerated, and would warrant a strong response by the IDF if it continued.