Remembering the Yom Kippur War, 40 years on

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, brings you a collection of personal recollections, introspection and in-depth features.

yom kippur war soldiers  370 (photo credit: IDF Archives)
yom kippur war soldiers 370
(photo credit: IDF Archives)
Days of wrath and sacrifice On the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, remembering a tragedy that history will not forget.
Facing apocalypseAbandoning itself to hubris, Israel kept its guard down as Arab armies massed on its borders in the weeks before Yom Kippur 40 years ago. As its front lines collapsed in a war it never planned, the IDF was obliged to fall back on raw courage.
Stemming the tide The IDF’s failure to mobilize the reserves left it up to young conscripts and their officers to block the massive attacks on Yom Kippur.
Middle Israel: The last war The Yom Kippur War’s effects seem today less debilitating than they did 40 years ago.
Golda Meir's fears and uncertainty at outbreak of Yom Kippur War revealed in declassified documentsFour decades after the war, the Defense Ministry reveals Golda Meir's testimony to the Agranat Commission.
A tale of two wars Both were victories, but one is remembered as a disaster – an error that warps policy to this day.
VIDEO: Golda Meir visits the troops in the Yom Kippur WarThe Prime Minister flew to Sinai to meet IDF soldiers who had broken through Egypt lines in the Sinai.
Remembering the 600th A very moving gathering took place one Tuesday evening in August, at the Latrun Armored Corps memorial site.
How new olim became true Israelis in the Yom Kippur War Murray Greenfield recalls how a small group of immigrants became a vital conduit to the front lines of the fighting.
Yom Kippur War battle resonates with sonGrowing up, countless times, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel native Doron Sofer heard his father, Dror Sofer, talk about his experiences in the Armored Corps when the Yom Kippur War broke out on October 6, 1973.
The Human Spirit: Heroes of healingThey’re both devoted parents. Engelhard is a grandfather. Their lives of healing were shaped by the Yom Kippur War.
Shooting from the hipPhotographer Micha Bar-Am’s photos of battle unfurl a fascinating narrative.
Do the right thing: Open all the archives!There is a real need to examine and explore what happened just before the Yom Kippur War.