Argentine president exempts the Tooth Fairy from coronavirus quarantine

The exemption was made in response to a question from a seven-year-old boy.

A woman with perfect teeth chews on a lollipop (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
A woman with perfect teeth chews on a lollipop
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez recently ordered all non-essential workers to remain in home quarantine to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The decision, which is now policy in Israel, Spain, Italy, and parts of the US, to name but a few countries, led to an unusual question from a child concerned about the tooth fairy, Reuters reported. 
The seven-year-old boy, Joaquin, wondered if the Tooth Fairy will be arrested by police if she comes to collect his tooth from under the pillow.
His parents asked the question on Fernandez's social media page and were met with a quick resopnse: the tooth fairy is exempt, “but the rest of us are (under quarantine),” he said.  
The Tooth Fairy is an enchanted being that collects the primary teeth of children as they are slowly replaced by their permanent teeth.  
The fairy seemed to originate in Nordic cultures, and is even mentioned in the Edda, Nordic literature.
While Jewish culture seems unaware of the tooth fairy until recently, Jewish tradition is familiar with other magical beings such as demons and angels.