Chabad hosts Shabbat dinner before Iowa caucuses

The Iowa caucuses are scheduled for February 3

Chabad annual meeting of emissaries  in New York  (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Chabad annual meeting of emissaries in New York
(photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
In advance of the Iowa's caucuses for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, hundreds of campaign staffers and journalists joined Chabad of Iowa for a Shabbat dinner this week. The dinner was also co-sponsored by the American Jewish Congress.
“At a time when there is such divisiveness ... to allow everyone to unite with the holiness of Shabbat — that’s what drives us,”  says Rabbi Yossi Jacobson of Chabad of Iowa.
Challah, gefilte fish, matzah-ball soup, brisket, friendly conversations, singing and Torah teachings were expected for this unique dinner.
“As the state prepares to caucus for the presidential candidate, we’re caucusing for Shabbat,” said Jacobson.
“We are the caucus to bring out the force that unites us all: our spark, our soul.”
Rabbi Yossi and Chanie Jacobson have been running Chabbad of Iowa since 1992 and have, in the past, provided kosher food for all candidates and parties:
“We have groups coming each day from every campaign,” said Jacobson.
“They come because we’re a known deli in the center of the town, and it’s not just kosher and quality, it’s an experience—a Jewish experience.”
Jacobson gave the example of an urgent request he received from a member of Bernie Sanders’s campaign for 40 kosher sandwiches, just before Shabbat, as Jewish volunteers working on the campaign had requested kosher food.