German man flaunts Auschwitz-inspired 'tramp-stamp' at water park

Man escorted out of water park for the public display of his offensive tattoo.

Auschwitz (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A middle aged man was spotted at a German water-park Saturday flaunting a lower-back tattoo of a silhouette of Auschwitz, with the saying "everyone gets what he deserves" - the slogan found at the entrance of the Buchenwald concentration camp - engraved below it, the Berlin-based daily newspaper B.Z. reported.
According to the report, a bystander alerted a lifeguard about the offensive tattoo upon spotting it.
The lifeguard responded with indifference, saying that, "he could not do anything against it now."
"This statement shocked me," the bystander said. "But worse-" he continued, "I was shocked that no one else took notice of the anti-Semitic offense."
The tattoo-bearer was later expelled from the park by another lifeguard who was alerted to the tattoo's offensive nature.
The BZ
reported that following investigation, a prosecutor initiated a criminal case against the tattoo-bearing man for the display of offensive body art.