WATCH: Orthodox Jew subdues belligerent assailant outside Melbourne synagogue

Police arrest suspect seen in footage trying to assault Jewish man, slurredly shouting "do you want to swear to Allah" and "go back to Israel."

Attempted stranggling outside Melbourne synagogue
An allegedly inebriated man was caught on video Wednesday attempting to assault an Orthodox Jew outside a synagogue in Melbourne, Australia.
In the footage, the man is seen slurredly shouting phrases such as, "do you want to swear to Allah" and "go back to Israel" in the face of a Jewish man trying to ward-off the belligerent hooligan outside the house of worship.
At one point the shoe-less suspect appears to reach for the synagogue-goers throat, after-which the Jewish man wrestels the assailant to the ground, where a surrounding crowd pins him down.
According to local media, police arrested the suspect on charges of theft, criminal damage and assualt after purportedly stealing a child's scooter outside the Adass Israel Synagogue and instigating the incident with several Jewish men who came out of the synagogue.
The incident was regarded as a criminal matter and not a hate crime.
Police released the man on bail several hours after his arrest, and he was set to be hear in court on January 19.