Roseanne Barr blasts 'anti-Semitic' Jews for pro-BDS views

In the comedian's blog, Barr accused BDS supporters of being hypocritical in their stance on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Roseanne Barr (photo credit: REUTERS)
Roseanne Barr
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Outspoken comedian Roseanne Barr lashed out at Jews who are anti-Israel and proponents of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement in her blog last week.
In a letter addressing “erev rav” Jews – a biblical phrase for the “mixed multitude,” including Egyptians, that accompanied the Jews out of slavery, often used in a derogatory context – Barr accused them of “knowing nothing about Judaism” and being hypocritical in their stance on the Arab-Israeli conflict.
“You feel it is moral to express your sympathy for those who occupy all but a sliver of the Middle East, those who stone women to death, execute gays and rape little children, and get away with doing it, because child ‘marriage’ (polygamist pedophile cults) have a priest class which absolves all pedophiles of criminal action against innocents,” she wrote.
While addressed to the “erev rav,” the letter ostensibly attacks other Jews who are unilaterally pro-Palestinian in the name of being liberal and pro-human rights. Or, as she wrote on Twitter, her letter was penned for “Jews who H8 Israel and Collude with anti-Semites.”
“You believe that making Judaism illegal in every Arab Country is OK? Really? You ignore the Jewish Nakba – 800 thousand expelled Jews in the middle east FORCED to move to Israel, since 1948 – by violence and hatred, their wealth stolen? You scream and yell that there should be no harbor or rest for any of them inside a Jewish State, or anywhere else on earth? REALLY?” “You ignore the FACT that the Arab world did this to Jews AFTER AUSHWITZ? You ignore the FACT that those with whom you agree are now taunting Holocaust Survivors still alive in the world, and calling them Nazis? REALLY?” she continued.
In her rant, the comedian went on to blast these Jews as “hypocrites” and “naked bigots.”
Staunchly siding with her Jewish identity and pro-Israel stance, Barr concluded her strongly worded statement by self-identifying as “a Jew, G-d Wrestler and a freedom fighter.”
Recently, Barr has taken to Twitter to show her unequivocal support for the Jewish state. In April, she tweeted: “If Israel doesn’t nuke Iran, then nothing makes sense anymore.”
Last month, she got herself into hot water when posting a picture of her swollen face and joked that she got “in a tussle with Bill Cosby.” Realizing her faux paus, she deleted the tweet moments later to clarify that she had a chemical peel and was joking about the Cosby dig.