Watch: Hebrew University exhibition sheds light on South African Jewry

Event took place on December 23 on the Mount Scopus campus.

The Goldene Medina Exhibition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, December 26, 2018 (Dennis Zinn)
The Goldene Medina exhibition showing the history of South African Jewry, which began 175 years ago with the arrival of Litvaks and Anglo/German Jewish settlers who were fleeing antisemitism and poverty in Europe, is on display at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Mount Scopus. South African Jews developed into a strong, prosperous, and very unified minority in the vastly multi-tribal South African society. Still today the South African Jewish community is known for its Zionism and unmatched support of Israel.
Professor Gideon Shimoni of the Department of Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem explains why: “The vast majority of South African Jews came from Lithuania where Zionism was very strong and they brought that along in their baggage."