Ariel: Government misled public on prisoner release

Minister says some of the terrorists being freed committed murder after Oslo Accords were signed.

MK Uri Ariel 370 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/ The Jerusalem Post)
MK Uri Ariel 370
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/ The Jerusalem Post)
The government is misleading the public and ministers by saying prisoners being released only committed acts of terrorism before the Oslo Accords were signed, Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel said Tuesday.
Ariel called for the government to stop the prisoner release, pointing out that several of the terrorist attacks they perpetrated took place after the Oslo Accords were signed on September 9, 1993.
“In the ministers’ meeting, we were told that all the terrorists being released this week only murdered before the Oslo Accords, but it turns out that this isn’t true,” Ariel stated. “I demand that the prisoner release be stopped and brought back to a government vote.”
Some of the victims of terrorists being released Tuesday night that were killed after the Oslo Accords were signed are Isaac Rottenberg, murdered on March 29, 1994, David and Chaim Weizman, murdered on December 31, 1993 and Moshe Becker, murdered on January 21, 1994.
Deputy Minister Danny Danon also spoke out against the prisoner release, saying “all citizens of Israel are asking what this is for.
“What are we getting in return other than a few delusional days?” Danon asked.
“This is a decision that goes against logic and the values we were raised on.”