IDF casts early ballots ahead of Israel Election Day

Some 800 mobile and stationary ballots to be made available to IDF troops by Israel's Election Day on Tuesday.

IDF voting Golan 09 (photo credit: Reuters)
IDF voting Golan 09
(photo credit: Reuters)

Three days before Israel's official Election Day, members of the Israel DefenseForces began to vote Saturday night at a special polling station at the DefenseMinistry compound in Tel Aviv. 

Dozens of soldiers were expected to cast theirballots there, while another 60 polling stations for soldiers were set to openSunday and Monday, Israel Radio reported.

On Tuesday, when polls open for the general public across Israel,some 600 stationary and another 150 roving ballot boxes will be dispersed throughoutevery IDF unit in the country, the radio said.

The chief elections coordinator for the IDF, Colonel Avi Baruch, said heis determined to have every soldier everywhere exercise his or right right to vote. OnElection Day, the IDF will set up a control room in the Knesset so that thearmy can respond quickly to any emergency situation that may arise.