Jordanians call for Abbas to be stripped of citizenship

Group says PA president betrayed the Palestinian cause and should be barred from the Hashemite Kingdom.

Abbas at Arab League summit (photo credit: REUTERS)
Abbas at Arab League summit
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Jordanian activists have called on their government to revoke the Jordanian citizenship of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on charges he "betrayed the Palestinian cause."
A statement issued in Amman by a group calling itself Tayyar 36 [Trend 36] called on the government to also ban Abbas from entering the kingdom, the daily Rai Al Youm online newspaper reported Monday.
The statement called for similar measures against senior members of the Palestinian Authority.
The group, which consists of intellectuals and retired army officers, condemned Abbas's recent statements in favor of security coordination between the PA and Israel.
The group had previously criticized King Abdullah's Palestinian wife, Queen Rania, and called for stripping all West Bank Palestinians of their Jordanian citizenship.
The group was upset over Abbas's statements that it was in the Palestinians' interest to maintain close security coordination with the Israelis "in order to avoid a new intifada." He said the Palestinian security services would help in the search for the missing boys.

"These three boys are human beings like us, and they should be returned to their families," Abbas told foreign ministers at an Organization of the Islamic Conference gathering in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The PA had only recently begun the process of creating a unity government with terror organization Hamas, which is being held responsible for the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers on June 13.