Katz presents plan for ‘civilian separation’ from Gaza

Under proposal, Israel would stop providing electricity and water to Gazans.

Rafah border crossing Sinai Gaza370 (photo credit: Reuters)
Rafah border crossing Sinai Gaza370
(photo credit: Reuters)
Israel should stop allowing civilian goods into Gaza, Transportation Minister Israel Katz said on Saturday night.
Katz said he presented his idea for “civilian separation” from the Gaza Strip to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
The plan includes not ending Operation Protective Edge until Gaza is demilitarized.
Then, Israel must work toward no longer providing the Strip with electricity, water, gas, food and other civilian goods.
The final step of the plan is creating a recognized border between Israel and Gaza.
In addition, the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt should be open to allow goods and people to pass through, under supervision.
If Egypt declines to cooperate, then Katz says an internationally supervised island should be created 4.5 km. from Gaza, where there will be a port and an airport and even hotels, which will be run together with Palestinians, but not residences.
The island, which would only be allowed to function if Gaza would remain demilitarized, would be connected to the Strip via a bridge with a security checkpoint in the middle, allowing international security control for 100 years and leaving Israeli control of the sea.
“This will remove Israel’s responsibility and allow the Palestinians [in Gaza] full civilian control, while Israel will protect its security without concern for weapon smuggling and danger to its skies,” Katz posited.
Once his plan is enacted, “Israel will have full deterrence on its borders with Gaza and will respond to any shooting into its territory with full force, just like any other border,” he said.