Manufacturers: Leave 'Made in Israel' label off products from beyond Green Line

Factories over Green Line don't operate in accordance with Israeli industrial standards, gain unfair advantage, MAI claims.

Bennett in Indonesia 370 (photo credit: Courtesy- Economy and Trade Ministry)
Bennett in Indonesia 370
(photo credit: Courtesy- Economy and Trade Ministry)
The Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI) has complained to Naftali Bennett's Economy Ministry over the use of the label "Made in Israel" on products from factories over the Green Line.
The Jerusalem Post's Hebrew-language sister publication, Sofshavua Magazine, has learned that the management of the MAI sent a letter of complaint to Amit Lang, the director-general of the Economy Ministry, stating that the use of the "Made in Israel" label is incorrect and misleads the public. They intend to petition the High Court of Justice on the matter.
The manufacturers complain that factories over the Green Line benefit from tax breaks and other advantages, but do not always operate in accordance with the rules of Israeli industry, such as meeting certain quality standards and upholding workers' rights.
According to the MAI, the factories are given a competitive advantage at the expense of industrial factories within the Green Line.
The manufacturers made a similar complaint in the past to the Fair Trade Authority, but were told that it was a legal matter that was not in their power to help with. Amir Hayek, Director of the Manufacturers Association of Israel told Sofshavua that the MAI intends to use all legal means at its disposal to ensure that manufacturers are not put at a disadvantage against their competitors over the Green Line.
The economy ministry said in response: "This is a complex legal topic relating to various issues in the international arena. The issue should be referred to the attorney-general."