Peres in area hit hard by Gaza rockets: I remain a firm believer in peace

Mayor of southern town of Sderot, Alon Davidi, advocates another military operation against Palestinian enclave.

President Shimon Peres. (photo credit: REUTERS)
President Shimon Peres.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Despite the continued barrage of rockets on Israel from Gaza over the past few days, President Shimon Peres told reporters in Sderot on Sunday that he remains a firm believer in the possibility of peace.
Speaking to members of the Foreign Press Association in the southern town, Peres said: "I'm retiring from the post of president but I am not retiring for the battle for peace."
He also reiterated his belief that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is a true partner for peace and that he is opposed to terrorism.
Mayor of Sderot Alon Davidi emerged from the bunker which is commonly known as the war-room to tell journalists even though Hamas tries to destroy our town they will lose because we will continue to live here and develop.
Davidi said Hamas is afraid to fight soldiers and never shoots into an IDF base and they only shoot at Israeli civilians.
He added that the leadership in Gaza are people who want to bring death to the area not just to Israelis but also to Arabs.
While stating that he puts trust in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the government, Davidi advocated another military operation such as Cast Lead and Pillar of Defense.
"When people try to kill us and our children we need to destroy them. We can talk about peace afterwards," he said.