Shapiro: US won't let Iran get nuclear weapons, nor sign a bad deal

Ambassador to GA: US has ironclad commitment to Israel's security.

Dan Shapiro GA 370 (photo credit: Courtesy Dan Shapiro on Facebook)
Dan Shapiro GA 370
(photo credit: Courtesy Dan Shapiro on Facebook)
US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro vowed Monday that US President Barack Obama would not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, and that the United States would not sign on to a "bad deal" at negotiations with Iran tipped to restart later this month.
Speaking at the Jewish Federations of North American General Assembly in Jerusalem, Shapiro drove home his point by repeating it in Hebrew. 
He said that the US would not "squander" the leverage yielded by the crippling economic sanctions on Iran, seen as key to Tehran's decision attend talks with world powers held earlier this week in Geneva. Echoing comments made by Secretary of State John Kerry when he met with Prime MInister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem last week, Shapiro said that no deal on Iran's atomic program would be better than a bad deal. The US, he added, would not agree to a bad deal.
He said the ties between Israel and the United States were as strong as ever, and pledged that Israel's security was still of paramount importance to his country.
Shapiro told the attendees that the US had an "iron-clad commitment to Israel's security", and that the relationship between two countries was "as close as it has ever been."
The subject of the world powers' negotiations with Iran over its nuclear ambitions was also the central focus of Netanyahu's remarks at the opening of the annual conference on Sunday night.
Netanyahu warned that Israel would not honor an agreement that did not meet its demands for Iran's nuclear program to be dismantled, and that any roll-back of the sanctions imposed on Tehran would be a serious error, as they were what had driven Iran to the negotiating table in the first place.